Wednesday, August 1, 2018

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Gord Hunter


What Reader Had to Say About No-Badge Killick

Congratulations Your book stands as a testimony for all the told and untold stories of our time. We contributed more than the Canadian people know…more of that story needs to be shared.

I was there yet you still took me back into the life of the sailor in the sixties. An easy read, not too technical, it explained things in a way to help non-service people understand.

I remember the days so well, homesick, seasick, dear john letters, all the hangovers and the waking up after wishing it would all go away.

Found the book very interesting from a sailor’s point of view. It was a pleasant and interesting read.

Seems like only yesterday. So young and full of piss and vinegar

As one sailor to another thanks for writing about your time in the Navy. I did 27 years and don't regret a minute of it - well maybe one or two.

Best savoured with a drink of rum

Read mine in three days. I had to force myself to put it down.

Read mine in a week-long. I like your story telling style which makes it so easy to read.

Having served alongside of you, I can actually remember some of those incidents. Well done Gord

I am now waiting for the sequel, I am certain you have plenty more stories up that sleeve without the good conduct badge.

...the least I can do is get the book since you took a pierhead jump for me in 69.

Not bad writing for a kid from Grand-mère!!! Loved it. I was on watch on the Saguenay when the Kootenay blew up, it was 50 years ago or so, Thanks Gordon for the reading

a very engrossing read

You have a remarkable memory - either that or you are very good at making things up. Everybody wants this book.

July 25 2018

After my very successful book launch in Buswakker's Arizona Room I am pleased to be the latest local author featured in a corner of my favorite pubRegina's Bushwakker Brew Pub Writer's Corner. 
It is a real honour be recognized and to share this space with a host of other Saskatchewan writers.
August 1st 2018

I am pleased to tell you that I have been invited to participate in Navy Days the annual gathering of the Naval community at the Naval Museum of Alberta in Calgary Friday October 19 from 1800 to 2030 and Saturday from 0900 to 1800. No-Badge Killick will be available for purchase and I will be signing copies.

I will be reading from No-Badge Killick and taking questions at the Wetaskiwin Public Library the evening of Thursday November 9th in advance of Remembrance Day. Time yet to be determined.