Monday, February 22, 2016

From the time I enlisted I have been collecting Navy photographs. Over the years I have acquired a large personal collection. Some of the photographs in this book are mine and others have been generously shared by former shipmates other old salts who made their photos available.

​ In the 60's and early 70's most of us didn't own cameras. The few who did, have done a great service, preserving a visual record of a time which has been for the most part ignored by our Government. And I thank them for sharing those photographs with us. As the cold war fades into further and further into the background the photographic record grows with importance.
Any Department of National Defense photograph used in this book has been used in compliance with the Crown Copyrighted Protected works managed by National Defense and the Canadian Armed Forces The author make no claim to represent nor is he affiliated in any way with National Defense or the Canadian Armed Forces.

The Navy had photographers on staff but did not give the individual photographers credit so unfortunately they remain anonymous. I thank them for their work. If fact, I would like to thank everyone who took the photographs that appear within these pages.
Anyone with an interest in the period will find a huge resource at the following websites:

These sites house thousands of stories and photographs from the Naval personnel who served as far back as the Second World War. I encourage you to visit the sites and if you have photographs of your own, to share them. Many thanks to those who built and maintain those sites.

At anchor off the US Virgin Islands on HMCS Restigouche ready
to go ashore