Prestonian Class Frigates

The La Hulloise and the other Prestonian Class Frigates were originally launched during the Second World War as River class frigates. After the war, they were decommissioned then twenty-one of them were modified and recommissioned as Prestonians. This added a bigger bridge, a taller funnel, new guns, and enclosed the quarterdeck to house two Squid ASW mortars. 

HMCS Penetang (Wartime)

Jackstay Transfer

Alongside in Halifax

HMCS Antigonish

HMCS Beacon Hill

HMCS Buckingham

HMCS La Hulloise

HMCS la Hulloise in Halifax

HMCS Stettler

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  1. Nice photo Of the Bucky,was on her 1961-1964 after great Lakes tour and refit In Sydney. Was Stoker ABEM 1 G KStuart from Vancouver, Still above the Waves 2017 trips to England, Ireland Bermuda(several times)New York, Boston,Ft.Lauderdale Antigua all over the Maritimes St J NB several times to nfld Curchill Man. Close Pals with A Mcfee, Roy Cleveland(beneath the Waves now Arizona Email If you get the chance, Adieu