HMCS Onondaga

After submarine basic training I was drafted to HMCSubmarine Onondaga where except for a brief trip or two on the Okanagan and helping out on Ojibwa while she was in refit, I stayed until I left the Navy in the spring of 1970.

Submarine Basic Training Class 12th July 1968

Relaxing on the casing after a swim. Somewhere in the Caribbean 

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O Boat, not sure which or where
Getting some fresh air in the fin, Somewhere in the North Atlantic

A helicopter transfer with HMCS Onondaga

HMCS Onondaha

O Boat

Hatch from Forward mess into Fore ends

Torpedo Tubes in Fore ends

Fore ends with escape hatch

O Boat Galley

The helm with the One Man Control OMC

O Boat

O Boat diving

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