Underwater Weapons Systems (Ship-borne)

During the second world was the Canadian Navy used Depth Charges and Hedgehogs to attach submarines. In the 50's and 60's older ships used Squid  and the Destroyer Escorts the upgraded Limbo weapons system.

The Hedgehog


Making sure depth charges are secure
Depth Charge Thrower 

Depth Charge Thrower 

The Limbo was a British-designed three-barrel mortar capable of launching a projectile shell between 370–910 metres (400–1,000 yd). Placed on stabilized mountings, the projectiles always entered the water at the same angle. The total weight of the shell was 180 kilograms. The early design was two sent of three mortars mounted one behind the other.

Getting some sun behind the Mortar well
The ASROC launcher replaced the 3 in/50 cal twin mount and one Mk 10 Limbo mortars aft.[1] The ASROC was rocket-propelled acoustically-guided Mk 44 torpedo that had a minimum range of 820 metres (900 yd) and a maximum range of 9,100 metres (10,000 yd)
HMCS Gatineau with the ASROC system mounted on the quarterdeck


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