HMCS Gatineau

HMCS Gatineau was the third Restigouche Class Destroyer Escort built.

I was on the Gatineau from April to November 1964. I good deal of that time the ship was in refit in the Halifax shipyard so, my time at sea on her was limited.

This is one of the few photos I have with her original mast configuration.

All the other pictures below show a larger mast and after she was fitted with the ASROC anti submarine missile system which can be seen as the boxy shape on her quarterdeck. See notes below.

The Gatineau on the right and the Restigouche on the left getting refueled simultaneously by HMCS Provider

The ASROC launcher replaced the 3 in/50 cal twin mount and one Mk 10 Limbo mortars aft. The ASROC was rocket-propelled Mk 44 torpedo that had a minimum range of 820 metres (900 yd) and a maximum range of 9,100 metres (10,000 yd).The Mk 44 torpedo had a weight of 193 kilograms (425 lb), was 2.5 metres (100 in) long and carried a 34-kilogram (75 lb) warhead. The torpedo itself had a maximum range of 5,500 metres (6,000 yd) at 30 knots (56 km/h; 35 mph). The torpedo was acoustically guided

A good view of the Anti Submarine ASROC system on her Quarterdeck

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