The Cuban Missile Crisis

I was in basic training in Cornwallis in my last couple of week's training when the Cuban Crisis happened. The division a week ahead of us was sent to sea. We were kept at Cornwallis until the whole mess was sorted out. We got the better deal. Some of the guys I sailed with later told me  the October seas in the North Atlantic in 1962 were miserable.
Reading accounts of the time today suggested that we should have been very concerned. For us however, (I had just turned 18) it wasn't really. It was hard for an ordinary seaman to get much real information from the Navy those days. We all know the saying. They treated us like mushrooms.
Had we known how close it came to a major war. I think we probably would have been a bit more concerned than we were.

The thirteen days that brought the Western World to the brink of a major confrontation with the USSR.

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