Wednesday, 1 August 2018

To order your own personal copy of No-Badge Killick, send an e-mail to me at 
indicating how many copies of the book you would like. Please include your mailing address. I will then e-mail you an invoice. 

Using a link on the e-mail invoice, customers are able to complete the transaction securely with a credit or debit card online. I use Square to process purchases which makes it simple and secure. Square handles the transaction so I never see your credit card number.

Alternatively, you can use PayPal - my account is connected to my e-mail address at or if you prefer to pay by cheque, let me know and I will e-mail my address, and then you can simply send me a cheque in the mail. You are not charged a fee — no matter how you pay.

I realize that the process is a touch more complicated than buying from an online bookseller like Amazon -- but not much. And, as an independent publisher, I am, for the most part, forced to handle my own distribution.

In any case, I will send you a detailed e-mail with instructions as to how to exercise your options.

The cost of the book is $20.00 but I pay the cost of shipping.

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You can also get your hands on the book several other ways.
  • No-Badge Killick can also be ordered through the Publishers Group, SaskBooks and 
  • McNally Robinson has several copies in Saskatoon and Winnipeg.
  • if you are visiting The Military Museums in Calgary, 4520 Crowchild Trail SW, you can pick up a copy in their gift shop 
  • Pick up a copy at the Indigo Bookstore in Regina, SK. Look in the Military History section.

If you prefer to use the library it is available 
  • at any library in Saskatchewan and Alberta through the inter-library loan. There are several copies in the system.
  • it is also available at the Massey Library at the Royal Military College in Kingston and
  • at the Royal Canadian Military Institute's library in Toronto 

The book has been review in several local newspapers including the Battlefords News Optimist and the Carlyle Observer and referenced in the Canadian Veterans Support Forum,  the 
Canadian  Military Family Magazine and No-Badge Killick has been reviewed in the spring edition of the Maritime Engineering Journal

SaskBooks has put together a series of 30th-anniversary videos promoting the Saskatchewan Publishing industry. I was the self-publisher in the mix and we discussed how blogging helped me in putting the book together. The video can be viewed here

The book has been sold to readers from coast to coast in Canada as well as in the United States, Australia, the Cayman Islands, Mexico and France.  

IQmetrix has been doing video podcasts about a wide area of things that might be of interest to viewers. Scott McGillivray and I did one talking about No-Badge Killick, the Cold War Navy and some of what I did after. It was a fun project and it can be viewed here 

The Cold Lake Alberta Library got together with the help of the Memory Project and the Librarian Tanya Boudreau put together a podcast of our discussion.

About Me

They weren't just hull numbers. 
For a while when we were young men 
they were our addresses, our home

 Hanging with the Scouts in Sweden

In the mid-1960's I sailed on the Restigouche with Bob Bushie who sadly, recently crossed the bar. When we were serving in the NATO squadron we visited, among other places, Malmo Sweden. One of the Sonar Petty Officers was a scout leader back in Halifax. He contacted scouts in Sweden and as a result, a few of us went camping courtesy of the scouts. Bob sent me a clipping with this photo. Bob and I are walking side by side in the front in the photo.

A whole lot of us got tattoos on Barrington Street. Macleans Magazine captured it on one of their covers. They weren't the only ones to capitalize on the popularity of the Navy.
I am quite sure that the model for the sailor getting the tattoo was Charlie Snow. Charlie who was retired by the time I was in Halifax used to hang around Gerry Swallow's shop and tell stories. Charle turns up as a character in the John Irving novel Until I Find You.

July 25 2018

After my very successful book launch in Bushwakker's Arizona Room in July 2018, I was pleased to be one of the local authors featured in a corner of my favorite pubRegina's Bushwakker Brew Pub Writer's Corner. 
It is a real honour to be recognized and to share this space with a host of other Saskatchewan writers.

August 17th 2018

In the Regina Leader-Post QC supplement and the Saskatoon Star Phoenix  in August

If you happen to be in Halifax there is a very good Naval Museum situated in what was in the old days, the wardroom of HMCS Stadacona. Over the past several months Brian Lapierre and some others converted an empty room in the museum to a small submarine section. They did a great job and it is worthwhile taking the time to have a look through it. I am very proud that No-Badge Killick is included in the submarine display. 
Brian and I sailed together on HMC Submarine Onondaga.
Brian took hundreds of photos during his time in the Navy and several of them appear in the book.
With Brian Lapierre at the Submarine section of the
 Naval Museum in Halifax


Tigerbyte said...

Just finished No Badge Killick and thoroughly enjoyed it. Gord has a clean, clear way of writing that brings the incidents to life with clear understanding. Good use of humor, drama, and just enough technical to allow one to see the events, this book will entertain those with military experience as well as give civilians a glimpse Ias to what it takes to commit yourself to your country.
Gord, thanks for your service and thanks for your book.

.Gord Hunter said...

Thank you so much for your kind words about the book

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To order your own personal copy of No-Badge Killick, send an e-mail to me at   indicating how many copies of ...